Dexters For Sale--Bulls

My former herd sire semen-tested to have very high fertility and he gave me many nice male calves.  After culling and past sales, I still have several terrific herd sire prospects for sale--by him as well as by the sires listed on the Dexter Cattle intro page.

See the pictures of the animals for sale on this page. If you want to see a picture of the sire and dam and their pedigrees, click on the highlighted links.

    Gladhour Nappa

Born 8/25/2003

Black, horned, I will sell as a guaranteed non-carrier

Sire: Circle H Jordan ; Dam: Twainland JannaBess

Nappa is the most pleasant of the 03 bulls I have left for sale. He’s a "love." I can walk up to him in the pasture and curry him and pass the curry-comb on to a stranger to do the same. He is larger framed, so an excellent choice for a family who would like a very well-mannered bull and are breeding for beef calves for the family/friends’ table. A very dependable temperament and overall a nice bull. ADCA/PDCA-registered




                                                                               Gladhour Night

Born 4/18/2003

Black, horned, carries dun

Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia (tested)

Sire: Circle H Jordan ; Dam: Sturdevant’s JilLight

A bull with great conformation! As son of the PDCA Video Grand Champion Female who got high marks in udder as well as general conformation, Night should pass on excellent udders to his female offspring. He is long-bodied, and, at around 43 inches hip height coming on age three, is a good height to help keep calves within the guidelines, even from cows on the taller side. He was a pleasant youngster. Has been at another farm where he was not worked with much so would be best to consider as a "pasture bull" rather than a pet or show bull, though he is definitely show quality. Can be pasture-curried under the right conditions, as shown in smaller picture.  ADCA/PDCA-registered




    Gladhour Nugget

Born 8/23/2003

Black, Horned, Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia (both parents tested free of it)—Sire Circle H Jordan  and Dam Twainland Jusweet 16

Nugget is of the 03 calf crop which was well trained and halter-broke. I walked him a mile on lead recently, to a different pasture. He is approximately 42 inches at the hip at 29 months.  His smaller size will help a breeder trying to reduce the calf-size from overtall cows. ADCA/PDCA-registered



     Gladhour Pal

Born 4/24/04

Black, polled

Sire: Circle H Jordan; Dam: Twainland Kalla

I will sell as a guaranteed non-carrier

Pal is a VERY pleasant young bull. He is easy to handle and touch but will walk away when you want him to. Local beef producer commented on his good conformation. PDCA-registered.




 Gladhour Pajet

Born 5/19/04

Red, dehorned

Sire: Circle H Jordan; Dam: Gladhour Maggie J

I will sell as a guaranteed non-carrier

Pajet is a nice and small young bull. Pleasant in temperament though not worked with much. His size will help you keep your offspring in size. He has nice muscling as well as his mother’s small size. PDCA-registered



   Gladhour Russ [501]

Born 4/2/05

Black, horned

Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia

Sire: Gladhour Noble; Dam: Gladhour Musteete

Nice, well-muscled calf. Has been touched some but not a lot. I expect him to have a nice temperament and good conformation as a bull.  He would also be a good oxen prospect.

$500 NOW (more in spring after more hay, more handling)


Gladhour Raymore [pic 503]

Born 4/8/05

Black, polled

Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia

Sire: Gladhour Lenny P; Dam Gladhour Mayflower

A calf I expect to develop some good muscling as he grows. Pleasant temperament as his mother is very nice and pettable.

$750 NOW (more in spring after more hay, more handling)


Gladhour Raben [pic notag 511]

Born 4/27/05

Black, polled

Non-carrier of chondrodysplasia

Sire: Gladhour Lenny P; Dam: MayBelle

Raben is already a pleasant calf who can be petted easily, though not halter-broke. His good muscling from his father should develop more as he grows. I expect him to be a bull to be proud of. He may be a bit taller than some of my calf crop. Take a look at his half-brother, Gladhour N-Able, to see the straight lines and good development he should have as he gets to be a 2-yr-old.

$800 NOW (more in spring after more hay, more handling)


Taking reservations on 3 bulls born late summer/early fall to be picked up at weaning. Mulligan sons will carry red for sure. 2 black and horned (one already is excellent and Noble’s half-brother) and 1 is polled. $500-750 at weaning--deposits will cover the DNA testing I will be doing as soon as I get reservations.

Dexters For Sale--Females

The only female Dexter I have for sale at 2005 year-end is under contract.  Look over my other pages and check back after spring calves!  Buyers of my bulls always get my help in locating suitable females in other herds as well, if desired.

Dexters For Sale--Pair for Oxen

I have a pair of 05-born calves which should match relatively well in temperament, size and looks.  Contact me SOON if you would like to consider getting this pair to train for oxen.